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Edmonds Garage Door Repair – Home of Quality Garage Doors and Services

Edmonds Garage Door Repair is a family-owned enterprise with a vision to outdo the standards of garage door services. In no less a time, Edmonds Garage Doors became the Home of Quality Garage Doors and Services. The company is proud of the services extended to its customers being the number one professional garage doors service and sales provider. They in the company also believe that quality counts much.

Edmonds Garage Door Repair is opened 24/7 at its branches spread in Washington. The company caters to quick and easy security solutions and sees to it that every customers is satisfied with their output. Edmonds Garage Door Repair technicians and service men are equipped with expertise to resolve any kind of security needs for your home garage or even company or business garage door service. These men work day and night each day of the week to include holidays. The company believe and considers their customers or clientele to be the central figure in their accomplishments. Each of their customer can trust their fast and their best garage door services.

Edmonds Garage Door Repair Services offers line of emergency services like cover replacement of garage doors at reasonable prices. They could be available to enter your locked garage, replace damaged doors, remove broken doors and any other type of motor repair/replacements and also types of security needs at the best prices. Edmonds WA Garage Doors had maintained competitive price without sacrificing the quality of their work.

Types of Edmonds Garage Doors:

Edmonds Garage Door Repair types has a wide range in the market. There is the sliding door, folding door, up and over, and roll up are just a few. The most common types of this garage doors being installed by Edmonds Garage Doors are-

1. Sectional door- composed of horizontal panels fastened together and fitted with a roller. The assembly has two parallel tracks, a heavy-duty torsion spring wrapped in a torsion bar counterbalance the doors’ weights. The door can be lifted manually or the use of a garage door opener.These doors are popular in carriage style houses.

2. Swing style garage doors – has a resemblance to French doors, typically made of wood hanging on hinges/jambs. It is of vertical lines integrating with the garage. This door requires more clearance and is very time consuming and much expensive if automated.

Edmonds Garage door materials are made of:

  • Steel– the best one is made of 2 layers with primed or painted surfaces.
  • Wood- built in layers or piles. Woods could either be cedar, fir, red wood or any durable wood, painted or factory-stained.
  • Aluminum– aluminum doors eliminate the danger or risk of having rust, available in different colors and panels.
  • Fiberglass- doors made of this kind are not subjected to denting or of having cracks and do not rust but is very breakable with hard impacts.
  • Vinyl- vinyl doors are said to be “kid-proof” due to its characteristics of having difficulty to break, durable and only requires very little maintenance.

Now, do you agree that Edmonds Garage Door Repair is the Home of Quality Garage Doors and Services?Avail of their services now!

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